The Typical Duties Of A Live-Out Nanny

The Typical Duties Of A Live-Out Nanny

A live-out nanny plays a vital role in providing inclusive care and support for children while enabling parents to manage their professional and personal responsibilities. The specific duties of a live out nanny Dubai can vary depending on the family’s needs, the ages of the children, and any additional responsibilities assigned by the parents. Here, we explore the typical duties of a live-out nanny.

Childcare and supervision:

The primary responsibility of a live-out nanny is to provide attentive and nurturing care to the children. This includes ensuring their safety at all times, supervising their activities, and creating a stimulating environment. Nannies engage in playtime, educational activities, and outings to parks or other child-friendly locations. They also manage the children’s daily routines, including feeding, bathing, dressing, and putting them to bed.

Meal preparation and nutrition:

A live-out nanny often prepares meals and snacks for the children, ensuring they receive balanced and nutritious food. This involves planning and cooking meals according to dietary restrictions or preferences, introducing healthy eating habits, and encouraging the children to try new foods. The nanny may also handle grocery shopping for the children’s meals.

Educational and developmental activities:

Nannies play a significant role in nurturing the educational and developmental growth of the children. This includes helping with homework, reading books, and engaging in age-appropriate educational games and activities. For younger children, nannies support developmental milestones through activities that promote motor skills, language development, and social interaction.


Live-out nannies often provide transportation for the children, driving them to and from school, extracurricular activities, playdates, and medical appointments. Ensuring safe transportation is a key responsibility, requiring the nanny to have a valid driver’s license, a safe driving record, and sometimes a reliable vehicle.

Household duties related to the children:

While the primary focus of a nanny is childcare, they often perform light household duties related to the children. This includes tidying up play areas, washing and folding the children’s laundry, cleaning up after meals, and organizing the children’s rooms and belongings. Some families may request additional household tasks, but these should be clearly defined and agreed upon in the nanny’s job description.

Communication with parents:

Effective communication with parents is essential for a live-out nanny. They provide daily updates on the children’s activities, behaviors, and any notable events or concerns. Regular communication ensures that parents are informed about their child’s well-being and can provide input or make necessary adjustments to the care routine.