Same day dental implants procedure

Same day dental implants Dubai are a great way to replace your old teeth or damaged ones with an artificial which works and looks the same way as the original ones. They are a great alternative to dentures and bridgework which are relatively harder and complicated processes.

There are several conditions and processes involved in a single dental implant all depending upon the patient and the type of treatment that they require. Dental implants can be used in several conditions such as missing teeth and decay or damaged tooth which needs to be fixed as soon as possible. 

There are a few risks involved in this process as well but that can be disregarded as it happens in extremely rare and complicated cases. If the implant is not carried out carefully it can damage the teeth or the jaw bone and other parts which will then create more complications for you and your teeth.

The preparation of dental implants take a team of surgeons and is a complicated procedure thus, patient or candidate needs to undergo several dental tests to make sure that you are a fitting candidate. Dental exams can include X-rays, 3D images and models of implants for the actual process. Other than that, brief medical history will be required to make sure that there are no infections or other surgeries that were involved in the past. They may also require the medical prescriptions to make sure that the drugs that they will be using during the surgery would not be harmful for patient’s health.

Placing the dental implant and keeping it in check is also a major part of this all. The orthodontist that will be in charge of your process will also be giving you follow up check ups which will keep the progress in check and make sure that everything is good and stable, exactly how it should be.

It is a bit complicated process that is why it is important that you choose an expert for this task instead of going for an inexperienced dentist. The risks of the surgery and dental implants are low, but it is important that you are well aware of them and talk to your orthodontists about this.

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