Getting smart with tobacco products

Tobacco is the main ingredient of cigarette without which it cannot be manufactured. Cigarette suppliers in Dubai used to have tobacco from Dubai tobacco companies. But cigarette is not the only product made from tobacco. There are several other products available in which tobacco is used as an ingredient. Some of these products are as follows:

Cigarettes: The main product manufactured from tobacco. People normally think that it is the sole product made from tobacco but it is not the truth although it is the most manufactured thing from this ingredient. What a cigarette is? It is a roll of special paper in which tobacco is wrapped nicely. Other than the regular smoking cigarettes there are also available menthol cigarettes which provide a cooling effect like mint but they also contain the same ingredients as regular cigarette.

Cigars: They are another form of tobacco smoking. Each one cigar will contain the amount of tobacco which a whole pack of cigarettes have. So smoking one cigar means you are smoking a whole pack of cigarette.

Hookah: It is a rural form of smoking tobacco as mostly people in rural areas used to smoke like that. Now urban people especially young generation is persuaded towards this form due to the introduction of flavored hookah. There are many flavors available in them like mint flavor, apple flavor, strawberry flavor and so many other flavors. In this tobacco is flamed by the charcoal which will increase its effect.

Bidis: This kind of tobacco smoking is native to India where poor people use to smoke them instead of cigarettes. The reason behind this is that cigarettes are a bit expensive there and Bidis are handmade and comparatively lower in prices. In this form the tobacco is rolled in leaves of certain trees and then they sell them to smoke.

Clove cigarettes: These are native to Indonesia. As seen by the name these cigarettes have a flavor of clove. This flavor is very strong in them but the people of Indonesia used to like them so they continue producing this form of tobacco. There are many countries in which flavored cigarettes are prohibited to manufacture, sale and import. These also include US for the reason that flavored cigarette will lure the young generation towards smoking and they will develop smoking.