Important Facts About Our Teachers

Being a teacher is a very noble job, you are giving your precious time to the children who need proper education. Teachers are the best thing that happened to every one of us, we always had a teacher whom we looked up to and studied for that teacher a lot so that they could give you the appreciation that you always wanted from him/her. Being a teacher is like an achievement, because you have made the lives of children better and so that they could function better in the advanced society. If you are a teacher and reading this, read this proudly and if you are student, this article can be great for making a small speech for your teachers.

People have a misconception that the easiest job is teaching because they get to go home early but the fact is that some teacher arrive early at classrooms just to make sure that everything is in place and some even prepare the lectures. And some even leave late because they have to check the papers or make the question papers when there is exam season. There are many students who are genius but they don’t want to study, such kids can really get on the nerves of the teachers and for that the teachers have to use different techniques to make them work.

We respect out teachers but in United States, each year there are millions of complain by teachers who say that the kids abuse them and there is nothing that the institution can do other then giving them detentions. Because from the last few decades, punishments have been banned and some students took advantage of them. We always had a crush on our teacher and we still remember it but a student took it to another level. He wrote an essay about how not to fall in love with your teacher and there is also a novel on it. There was a time when parent used to agree with teachers when the teachers scolded the students. And now parents file law suits against teachers who even speak to their children in loud voices and that is why in United States 33% of teachers resign each year from all over the country. You can get your children enrolled in best international school in Qatar and in different English-speaking schools in Doha.