Things you didn’t know about modern flooring

Are you planning to give your home or workplace a completely new look? If so, then it is possible that you will look at some designs, each one may have its own unique appearance and benefits. If you had a wood flooring, then you would know that it despite its looks, it is a little unstable from places. Also, wood flooring doesn’t last for a long time and starts producing some noises. The fact is that wood flooring and parquet flooring are quite different from each other. While both types of flooring are made of real wood, parquet flooring Abu Dhabi has some notable differences. If you pay attention to the material, you will find that it is still made of natural wood. The actual difference is in the construction of both types of flooring. Despite the fact that both are wooden materials, parquet has several differences. In case some of you may be wondering about why to consider parquet flooring at all? They should know that this type of flooring is designed to overcome any weakness or drawbacks that you had experienced with your original wooden flooring:

Excellent balance

If you have decided to go for parquet flooring, but don’t feel confident about it, then you should have faith in the interior designer. First of all, you should know that you have made the right choice. Although they appear the same, both types of floorings are vastly different in their performance. While walking and running on the parquet floor, you will notice that it offers a better balance. This is usually not the case with wooden floors. The difference lies in the construction, as parquet floor is made of three layers lined up at the right angle to provide better stability.

Noise reduction

Since it is made of three thin layers, therefore it is likely to produce negligible noise when walked upon. This is in stark contrast to the wooden floors you may have walked on thus far. So, while they look somewhat similar, their performance is vastly different.


Compared to wooden floors, the parquet floors are known to last much longer. You will enjoy using these floors at your home, office and even restaurants as they look amazingly beautiful when the light shines on them. The wood texture also gives them an excellent overall appearance. It makes sense to think about having new flooring while you had been considering office fit out in Abu Dhabi.